The fight against Dark Patterns is gathering steam

Update on what I’m doing which is basically a no update

Yel Legaspi
1 min readJun 23, 2021

I still haven’t progressed much on how I can contribute to the fight against Dark Patterns in a manner that’s more dedicated. However, since my last write-up regarding Dark Patterns significant work has been done on many levels and the movement is gaining steam. Here are some updates:

Non-profit orgs:

Legal / Government

One thing I want to highlight is the new tipline focused entirely to combat dark patterns. It is being driven by “… a team of designers, academic researchers, legal experts, policy specialists, and advocacy-minded individuals.” including Harry Brignull, the person behind the original

The fight against dark patterns is slowly going mainstream and for good reason. If you have a website or app to report, head over to